Vintage 1ct Blue Zircon Diamond 18kt White Gold Dangle Drop Pierced Earrings

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This is a pair of blue zircon and diamond dangle earrings set in 18 karat white gold. When I first purchased these earrings, there were white stones set where the blue ones are now that were dead, so I removed those, and bought these new blue zircon stones and had them set in the earrings. The blue zircon are round, new and are 1/2 carat size each for a total combined zircon weight of 1 carat, weighed. They are small size but are very deep and blue zircon gets its color from the depth of the stone, generally they are double the weight of what they look. Each earring is also set with one genuine single cut diamond that is teeny tiny. Including the stones, the earrings weigh 4.4 grams and measure 1.75" L x 3/8 of an inch wide at its widest spot. Hallmarked on the backs is the 18k mark, tested 18k as well. They are in excellent overall condition and dangle in two spots, for pierced ears only.