Rare Old Scarab Beetle Turquoise 18K Yellow Gold Big Pendant

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This is a rare old Scarab turquoise pendant set in 18 karat yellow gold. This was purchased from a collector's family that had some of the best vintage/antique pieces we have ever had.  Some have been listed over the past year and sold, some will never be sold.  I am letting this one go fortunately for you!  This was also a pin when I got it, the pin backing was broken, as was the bale, we removed the pin, and repaired the bale.  The pendant is very heavy weighing 14.2 grams, there are no hallmarks, we tested it on an XRF Analyzer (Xray Frequency) and it tested at 18k gold guaranteed.  Each of the turquoise stones are original, some of the colors might have changed over the years which is normal, it happens for many reasons, like perfumes, touching it, etc. The bottom piece dangles from the scarab, the dangle has a couple tiny dings on it, and the bottom left corner has a bit wear from over the years but is fine otherwise, we have only lightly cleaned, it was not polished.  The scarab measures 2.5" L x 1.5" wide, so it is definitely a statement type piece.  I am unsure of the exact age, origin or much else, as the family didn't have any other information on it. I have had it in my safe for the past year as I adore it, however it is time to pass it on.  I don't think you will ever see another like this on the market, it is certainly rare.